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Everlast Industrial Flooring

Seamless Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring in CT

Everlast Industrial Flooring is an industrial flooring contractor located in the heart of Glastonbury, CT, started by Nick and Shannon Psaras in 2008. As epoxy flooring & polished concrete contractors in CT, The Psaras Family has formed a unique non-franchise business from their years of expertise along with their heart and soul put into their organization. Everlast has always been a believer in making an impression that lasts, and with the extensive training in new innovative techniques, they are expected to be the best in the industry.

Why Everlast Industrial Flooring?

We will never cut corners. Floor coating seems to be an area where many epoxy manufacturers cut corners to lower the price. These low-cost “watered down” epoxies also have “watered down” performance. Everlast will never give a customer low-grade epoxy they promise the highest quality and service no matter what the price.

Industrial flooring contractors in CT. 


Everlast Industrial Flooring has built its reputation as an industrial flooring contractor that does the highest quality work and dedication to their customers no matter what size of a job. Commitment to the customer, detailed to the job site, the right surface preparation, and the highest quality materials and skilled workers is Everlast’s purpose.

Everlast Industrial Flooring is a Women Owned Enterprise & S.B.E *AA/EOE

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