Retail & Grocery Store Flooring

Epoxy Flooring for Retail and Grocery Stores in CT

Retail and Grocery stores need to withstand heavy foot traffic, shopping carts, as well as forklifts and other heavy equipment to take in deliveries and restock.  Our epoxy flooring systems and polished concrete floors are an ideal choice for retail establishments and supermarkets because they are low maintenance, durable, slip resistant, and easy to clean making them extremely hygienic. 

Seamless floors are a sought after option due to the No Grout lines and ability to quickly, safely, and thoroughly clean the flooring system.  Spills that aren’t immediately cleaned can contribute to the potential buildup of harmful microbes, mold, and bacteria, and can contribute to dangerous slip-and-fall hazards.  Our epoxy flooring systems come in a variety of textures making them extremely slip resistant.

Epoxy flooring retail and grocery stores in CT
Polished concrete and epoxy flooring retail and grocery stores in CT

Polished Concrete Flooring for Retail and Grocery Stores in CT

A polished concrete floor creates a natural, low maintenance, easy to clean surface that brings out the natural beauty of any concrete slab.  A concrete slab is extremely durable and can withstand the day by day abuse in any retail and grocery store sales floor.  With a high gloss finish it also enhances light reflectivity, this makes polished concrete a popular choice in retail where there’s little natural light.  Good lighting not only brightens up the store but has also been proven to improve employee morale and productivity.  Polished concrete works for any retail establishment not only because it’s practical and economical but it’s also a stylish choice too!

No retail store can afford to have downtime for floor fixes and repairs. Our retail and grocery store floor systems are low maintenance options that requires no additional floor stripping or waxing while also extremely durable and they will keep your store looking great for years to come

On top of the harsh chemicals and heavy wear to which these floors are subjected these finishes must also support safety and sanitation regulations administered by agencies like the USDA, FDA, OSHA, and others.

Benefits of Seamless Epoxy Flooring for Retail and Grocery Stores in CT

Seamless epoxy flooring retail and grocery stores in CT


  • Hygienic, sanitary and easy to clean.
  • Completely seamless, reducing the places for mold and bacteria to grow
  • Skid and slip resistant for safety
  • Meets ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA standards
  • Wide Service Temperature Ranges
  • High chemical and abrasion resistant 
  • Moisture tolerant 
  • Durable
  • Highly reflective surfaces to enhance available light

Recommended flooring systems: 

  • Decorative quartz epoxy system
  • Cementitious Urethane epoxy systems such as Poly-crete or Hybri-flex systems. 
  • Polished concrete for sales floors


Retail and Grocery store flooring solutions for: 

  • Aisles                                                          
  • Break room
  • Office Space                                              
  • Bakery
  • Shopping mall space                                
  • Deli
  • Storefronts                                                
  • Freezers & Refrigeration
  • Food courts                                               
  • Restroom
  • Sales floor

The experienced flooring contractors at Everlast Industrial Flooring are proud to offer top-quality epoxy flooring for retail and grocery stores in CT, MA, RI, and NY. For more information about our services please Contact Us!

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