Concrete slabs are a part of every construction project and can be beautiful flooring options. They become an even better environmental choice when an existing slab is stripped of floor coverings and restored to its original beauty.   

Why should you choose a polished concrete finish in your new or existing facility? Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons is sustainability. Polished concrete’s outstanding sustainability is the result of a unique refinement process, in which the floor is mechanically polished to a smooth and shiny surface.

Who says diamonds are just a girl’s best friend?

Our polished concrete flooring systems use bonded abrasive diamond tooling to grind, hone and polish a concrete floor, creating a durable, nonslip end-product. Mechanically refined concrete promises a long-lasting, environmentally sustainable floor, outstanding life cycle performance, an easy to clean and attractive surface.

Our highly experienced installers evaluate the concrete floor and determine which procedures, diamond grits, configurations and systems are best to properly refine the surface in order to achieve the best results for your facility.

Polished concrete has gained in popularity, to the point where it’s one of the most common floors found in commercial buildings and real estate, as well as restaurant dining spaces, and hallways and corridors in educational facilities.

Polished concrete can be found pretty much anywhere including:

  • Large Warehouses and warehouse outlets
  • Big Box Stores
  • Medical Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Stores and Shopping Malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant dining areas
  • Office Buildings
  • Auto Showrooms
  • Public Spaces
  • Entryways, Lobbies & Corridors
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Apparatus bays

Polished Concrete floors have become the logical choice for many cost-conscious companies because of the great value it delivers and the low costs.  Concrete is a sturdy, highly durable material and a concrete slab can last centuries.  The best part of polished concrete is that there is no need for flooring materials; as a material that is already on-site, concrete is right there, ready to have its natural beauty emerge through the process.  New or existing slabs can be ground flat and repaired eliminating cracks and voids in the concrete before the polishing stage.   

Polished concrete’s resilience can reap impressive benefits for facility owners, as the floor requires less expenditure in maintenance over the life cycle of the building.  These floor finishes are maintained with very little equipment, an auto-scrubber equipped with brushes and a non-toxic cleaner, or sometimes even a damp mop or dust mop, will suffice with no stripping or waxing required. 

Functional Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Harder and stronger than other floor finishes and resistant to high foot traffic.
  • Does not lift, peal or flake
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Safer surface- increased slip resistance exceeds OSHA standards
  • More abrasion resistant than unfinished concrete
  • Installation requires no cure schedule
  • Flatter, more level surface
  • Reflective surface maximizes available light- saving energy
  • Resistant to moisture transmission issues.
  • Available in attractive colors and designs.

Economical Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • No down time while chemical processes cure
  • Lower initial costs compared to most other floor coverings
  • One-time application with minimal maintenance
  • Lower maintenance costs with less wear on cleaning equipment and consumables
  • Long life cycle

Environmental Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Concrete is possibly the most environmentally-friendly flooring material in existence
  • Material is already on-site.
  • Dry, dust-controlled equipment filters out 99.9% of all airborne dust
  • Helpful in LEED projects
  • No slurry and no VOC’s
  • No application odors
  • Reflective floor maximizing available light- reducing the need for artificial lighting.

We Will Never Cut Corners

The best practice is to begin with a highly experienced contractor to evaluate your facility’s needs. 

If your polished concrete finish is done right the first time and maintained correctly you have just won yourself a sustainable flooring system.

Everlast Industrial Flooring is an award winning polished concrete company located in Connecticut.  Winning the 2019 Polished Concrete awards most honorable mention in Concrete Surfaces Magazine and Cure-Crete Magazine.

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